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CD Phone Mount Review

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Summary:  A popular solution for mounting phones is by a device that inserts into the CD tray a car stereo to grasp the inserted mount which holds the phone.

Price: Between $6 and $30

Made With: Plastic and metal brackets

Pros:  Does not obstruct the road view of the road so it should avoid tickets.

Cons: It blocks air vents and the heat from the surrounding air vents can cause physical issues with your phone.  Having to turn your head to interact with your phone is dangerous.  Bumps in the road cause the phone to shake up and down causing stress on the mount.  Cheap plastic breaks easily.

From Actual Reviews: (Source)

  • Low melt rubber melted into CD Player
  • Poor grip of the phone mount, it falls out
  • Bad angles - unable to view the phone screen
  • Cracks in plastic where it bolts in
  • Magnets affect the GPS in the phone
  • Phone falls off on bumpy roads

Risk For Tickets:
There are no known risks for tickets in any State unless you are handling your phone excessively.