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SmartVūz Ordering Instructions:  Step by Step

SmartVūz Ordering Instructions: Step by Step

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Below are the steps necessary to select the applicable charging wand size by using coins to measure your phone/case thickness. The thickness of the phone/case dictates which custom wand we send with your shipment (some people have no phone case at all while others may have either a thin or thick case). 

1.   Lay your phone on its back on a table or other hard, flat, level surface, and plug your phone charging cable into your phone.

2.  Slide pennies, and/or nickels and/or dimes underneath the charging cable plug at the base of the phone. Note the type and how many coins slide under your charging cable plug (between your plug and the table surface).

3.  Select from the drop down box above, the corresponding type of coin and number used to just barely occupy the entire space. 

Questions? Please email us at sales@smartvuz.com

What you will receive:

  • You will receive a steering wheel mounting base (with safety restraint leash), a base/belt attachment clip, and a charging wand. All parts are universally compatible. The universal base/belt attachment clip adheres to the back of any phone/case via supplied VHB tape.
  • Free Worldwide shipping at USPS First Class Service (Upgrade to faster shipping)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - Military grade stainless steel primary components ensure longevity.  Return any broken part along with a self addressed stamped envelope and we will mail you its replacement at no cost.


  • Installation: 5 to 20 minutes (No Tools Required)
  • We supply : mounting base, attachment clip, and charging wand assembly
  • You supply:  Phone charging cable
  • Weight: Under four ounces
  • Origin:  Patented and made in USA

Not recommended for stick shifts or steering wheels under 15"